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CAPRICORN TECHNOLOGIES(CT) is an IT Company established in 2005 based in Dar-es-salaam,Tanzania .We are located in the heart of the city which has grown to count on us over the years to provide many products which help people enjoy their lives.

CT stocks expanded selection of desktops, Branded PC’s(HP, Dell, Toshiba,Sony,Acer, All in one Computers, Touchscreen Computers.We stock both New PC’s and Reconditioned/Used ones.In addition we also build Custom PC’s tailored for Video Editing, Gaming , Designing ,3D Animation. You can choose from Intel or Amd Based, with the latest sophisticated Mainboards, Solid state harddrives, 3D screens and get mainstream Graphics Cards with DDR5 Memory to go with it.

Huge stock of Computer Hardware Components Casings,Case Parts,Graphics Cards,IO Cards,CPU’sMemories,Hdd’s & Mobo’s
Optical Drives,Sound Cards & Power Supplies.We Sell Retail and Wholesale Variety of Branded Laptop, Dell, HP,Toshiba,Acer, Sony,Lenovo,Asus Laptop. We have laptops for every budget from entry level laptops for word processing and browsing to high end laptops for Multitasting and gaming. We also have variety of Touchscreen Laptops and Tablets aswell.

We Stock Variety of HP, Toshiba, Dell,Sony, Acer, Lenovo and Asus Laptops(Netbooks,Notebook,Ultrabook,
Gaming,Tablets &Touchscreen Laptops.HP,Dell,Sony,Gateway & Lenovo Branded Computers ,
Slimline PC’s,All in One PC’s,Servers,Touchscreen Computers & Custom Gaming PC’s.Also Sell High end PC’s for video, 3D Animation, Video Editing, Gaming.

We provide POS Solutions , Touch Monitors, PC’s, Thermal Printers, Display Polls, Case Drawers.

We Sell & Install Surveillance Equipment Network-IP Cameras,Digital Video Recorder,CCTV Screens, Power Backup Solutions,Data Backup And Solution & Accessories such Cables, Connectors and Power adaptors4-16 Channel DVR’s,
Bullet-Doma Cameras,Portable Car DVR’s

We stock Various Software for Accounting, Business Automation & Management, Office Productivity,Antivirus, MS Windows Software. We have a wide variety of Laptop Parts,Harddrives,IO Cards,Invertors,Adaptors,Batteries,
Keyboards,Optical Drives,Screens,Motherboards,CPU & RAM’s.

In adition we sell Computer Accesories such as USB Cardreaders,Cleaning Products,Ext.Hdd’s,Flash Media,Keyboard, Mouse,Invertors,Solar Acc’s,UPS,Network &Wireless Devices, Ipad,Ipod Accesories,Docking Stations,External Optical Drives,Harddrive Enclosures,Laptop Bags and Sleeves,Laptop Coolerpads & Stands.

We Supply variety of Adaptors/splitters, Power Adaptors,Invertors, Connectors, Firewire,Audio Cables,Video Cables-HD/AV/DP,Adaptors,Splitters,Video,Audio Cables,HD,AV,DP,USB & Firewire Cables.Variety Of VGA-Mobo Connectors.

We Provide Multimedia Gadgets such as Bluetooth Modulators, Projector, HD Players,Speakers & Headsets.Bluetooth Modulators,Capture Devices,Projectors,Web & Digital Cameras, Multimedia Players,Powerpoint Presenters,
Security Cameras,Speakers & Headsets.

Lastly we also sell Gaming Consoles( PS3 , WII, XBOX,PSV, PS2) & Accessories such as Gamepads, Joystick, Wheel
Educational Games,PC,XBOX ONE ,PSP, PSV,PS4,XBOX360 & PS3 Games.

CT Provides below Services;

Full repair/upgrade service for Laptops/Computers/Tablets. We have most parts such as Batteries, Screens,Bazels,Housing,Motherboards,Processors,Vga,Cables,Optical,Drive,Memories,Speakers,Keyboards,Touchpads,hinges,Adaptors and much more.We undertake repair of Apple & Android Based Laptops/ Tablets.

Data integrity ,Protection and Data Backup Services. We provide Backup solution for online( cloud Backup), Network or Personal Storage.We implent Enterprise Antivirus Protection for business.

We also carry out office Automation Strategy ,Systems Design and Implementation,Hardware Testing,Software installation and after Sale-Support.We Install Surveillance Equipment Network-IP Cameras,Digital Video Recorder,CCTV Screens, Power Backup Solutions.We assist clients in executing their IT refresh strategies(Provide objective advice and recommendations,Provide specialized expertise). Our mission is to implement cost effective, customized leasing solutions that provide clients the liquidity, systems & flexibility to acquire & manage their immediate & long term technology & healthcare equipment needs.

Store Address:

DTV Roundabout,Jamhuri Street, Daressalaam,Tanzania

Management: info@computer.co.tz

Sales: sales@computer.co.tz

Website: www.computer.co.tz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dardirect

Office Line: 0653 400435

Cell Phone/Whatsapp: 0754 400435

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