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CT Provides below Services;

Full repair/upgrade service for Laptops/Computers/Tablets. We have most parts such as Batteries, Screens,Bazels,Housing,Motherboards,Processors,Vga,Cables,Optical,Drive,Memories,Speakers,Keyboards,Touchpads,hinges,Adaptors and much more.We undertake repair of Apple & Android Based Laptops/ Tablets.

Data integrity ,Protection and Data Backup Services. We provide Backup solution for online( cloud Backup), Network or Personal Storage.We implent Enterprise Antivirus Protection for business.

We also carry out office Automation Strategy ,Systems Design and Implementation,Hardware Testing,Software installation and after Sale-Support.We Install Surveillance Equipment Network-IP Cameras,Digital Video Recorder,CCTV Screens, Power Backup Solutions.We assist clients in executing their IT refresh strategies(Provide objective advice and recommendations,Provide specialized expertise). Our mission is to implement cost effective, customized leasing solutions that provide clients the liquidity, systems & flexibility to acquire & manage their immediate & long term technology & healthcare equipment needs.